• PostgreSQL 9.2+


Hypopg is available as a package on some GNU/Linux distributions:

  • RHEL/Centos

    HypoPG is available as a package using the PGDG packages.

    Once the PGDG repository is setup, you just need to install the package. As root:

    yum install hypopg
  • Archlinux

    Hypopg is available on the AUR repository.

    If you have yaourt setup, you can simply install the hypopg-git package with the following command:

    yaourt -S hypopg-git

    Otherwise, look at the official documentation to manually install the package.


    Installing this package will use the current development version. If you want to install a specific version, please see the Installation from sources section.

Installation from sources

To install HypoPG from sources, you need the following extra requirements:

  • PostgreSQL development packages


On Debian/Ubuntu systems, the development packages are named postgresql-server-dev-X, X being the major version.

On RHEL/Centos systems, the development packages are named postgresqlX-devel, X being the major version.

  • A C compiler and make
  • unzip
  • optionally the wget tool
  • a user with sudo privilege, or a root access


If you don’t have sudo or if you user isn’t authorized to issue command as root, you should do all the following commands as root.

First, you need to download HypoPG source code. If you want the development version, you can download it from here, or via command line:


If you want a specific version, you can chose the version you want here and follow the related download link. For instance, if you want to install the version 1.0.0, you can download it from the command line with the following command:


Then, you need to extract the downloaded archive with unzip and go to the extracted directory. For instance, if you downloaded the latest development version:

cd hypopg-master

You can now compile and install HypoPG. Simply run:

sudo make install


If you were doing these commands as root, you don’t need to use sudo. The last command should therefore be:

make install

If no errors occured, HypoPG is now available! If you need help on how to use it, please refer to the Usage section.